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Let Christian Hearts Rejoice

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1. Let Christian hearts rejoice today:
our Savior, Christ, is born.
Today the reign of Satan ends:
his Kingdom's overthrown.
So when his tempting voice you hear
Then quickly to the crib draw near:
Our Savior, Christ, is there,
Jesus is there,
Hasten, then, to Bethlehem.

2. The Angels fill the starlit sky;
for you alone they sing.
Accept with all your heart their song;
Oh, hear their message ring,
The maiden Mary, sweet and mild,
Brought forth the Spirit Great, her Child;
Our Savior, Christ, is born,
Jesus is born.
Hasten, then, to Bethlehem.

3. Three Chiefs together made a pact
when glory filled the night.
To follow where that glory led
and find the Source of light,
For God to them revealed His plan,
They hastened towards the God made man,
And Jesus welcomed them.
Jesus the Child
Welcomed Chiefs to Bethlehem.

4. The time has come for each of us
to kneel before his Lord.
He came in answer to our prayer,
now let Him be adored.
And as we kneel this holy night
For holiness and Him we'll fight;
That promise now we make,
Make to our Chief,
Jesus Christ of Bethlehem.

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