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New Release! Chant Compendium 8 with beautiful Gregorian chant

Kings From The Orient

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1. Kings from the Orient, Magi royal,
Called by the star to that blest door.
Here 'tis your God claims homage loyal;
Hasten your Savior to adore;
Give Him your love for evermore.

2. In that dark grotto, lowly, lonely,
Glowing, your lamp of Faith shines bright.
Through mystic shadows see Him only,
God and your King from realms of light;
Glory divine from Heaven's height.

3. Humble though great, ye Kings adore Him,
Magi, your treasures yield straight way;
Tenderly lay your gifts before Him;
God, incense, myrrh, your debt to pay;
Offer your hearts without delay.

4. God for the King of kings Supernal,
Myrrh for His dear Humanity,
Incense for God, divine, eternal;
O Holy Magi, you have known
Reason profound for Faith you own.

5. Jesus, dear Lord, our hearts we bring you;
Take them unworthy though they be.
Grant in return the pray'r we sing you;
That with the Magi's Faith in Thee,
Bright star of hope and love we see.

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