Beautiful Gregorian chant on CD, performed by Seminarians!

O Quam Glorifica

1. O quam glorifica luce coruscas,
Stirpis Davidicae regia proles!
Sublimis residens, Virgo Maria,
Supra caeligenas aetheris omnes.

2. Tu cum virgineo mater honore,
Ang(e)lorum Domino pectoris aulam
Sacris visceribus casta parasti;
Natus hinc Deus est corpore Christus.

3. Quem cunctus venerans orbis adorat,
cui nunc rite genuflectitur omne;
A quo te, petimus, subveniente,
Abjectis tenebris, gaudia lucis.

4. Hoc largire Pater luminis omnis,
Natum per proprium, Flamine sacro,
Qui tecum nitida vivit in aethra
Regnans, ac moderans saecula cuncta.

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This is one of the beautiful hymns Holy Mother Church has provided for her faithful to give honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Priests, seminarians, and monks all over the world sing this hymn at the end of the canonical hour of Vespers, part of the Divine Office. When sung in this manner, it is part of the sacred Liturgy of the Church. It is also sung in a devotional (but not liturgical) manner when it is used for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Usually you have a hymn to Our Lord, then one to Our Lady, before the silent period of adoration. Then you sing the Tantum Ergo, and then follows the Benediction. The lyrics to this hymn are sublime, and beautiful beyond description. All those who love Our Lady rejoice to hear her praises sung so gloriously.

This is found on the following CD(s): Chant Compendium 1, and Chant Compendium 2.

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