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New Release! Chant Compendium 8 with beautiful Gregorian chant

(Literal) English translation of:
Stabat Mater Dolorosa

1. The grieving Mother stood weeping
beside the cross where her Son was hanging

2. Through her weeping soul,
compassionate and grieving, a sword passed.

3. O how sad and afflicted
was that blessed Mother of the Only-begotten!

4. Who mourned and grieved, the pious Mother,
looking at the torment of her glorious Child

5. Who is the person who would not weep
seeing the Mother of Christ in such agony?

6. Who would not be able to feel compassion
on beholding Christ's Mother suffering with her Son?

7. For the sins of his people
she saw Jesus in torment and subjected to the scourge.

8. She saw her sweet offspring dying,
forsaken, while He gave up his spirit

9. O Mother, fountain of love, make me feel
the power of sorrow, that I may grieve with you

10. Grant that my heart may burn in the love
of Christ my Lord, that I may greatly please Him

11. Holy Mother, grant that the wounds
of the Crucified drive deep into my heart.

12. That of your wounded Son, who so deigned
to suffer for me, I may share the pain

13. Let me sincerely weep with you,
bemoan the Crucified, for as long as I live

14. To stand beside the cross with you,
and to join you in your weeping, this I desire

15. Chosen Virgin of virgins,
be not bitter with me, let me weep with thee

16. Grant that I may bear the death of Christ,
share his Passion, and commemorate His wounds

17. Let me be wounded with his wounds,
let me be inebriated by the cross and your Son's blood

18. Lest I be set afire by flames of death, Virgin,
may I be defended by you, on the day of judgement

19. Christ, when it is time to pass away, grant that
through your Mother I may come to the palm of victory

20. When my body dies, grant that to my soul
is given the glory of paradise. Amen

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This is the beautiul yet sad chant that is often heard during the Stations of the Cross in Lent. It would be hard to replace such a beautiful hymn with anything else! This chant has been in use for many centuries, so who are we to think we've outgrown it? Indeed, we need to medidate on Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart more now that ever before, because she is our only hope.

Our Lady shared in the entire Passion, suffering everything with Jesus -- and now she shares the same proportion of the glory of the risen Christ. Pray to Our Lady, put yourself completely in her hands. She alone can keep you from going astray in so many ways. She who is the mother of the Truth will keep you on the sure path, avoiding every error and deception. She will teach you humility, faith, love, and all the virtues she practiced so perfectly. She will inevitably lead you closer to Christ; for where the Blessed Mother is, there is Christ. When was that ever not true? Even on Calvary, she stood (not lay fainting) by the cross, the sword of sorrow piercing her most beautiful heart.

If a soul in the state of grace is so beautiful that a man would literally die if he could see it, how beautiful must the pure soul of Our Lady be?

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