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New Release! Chant Compendium 8 with beautiful Gregorian chant

Audi Benigne Conditor

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Audi, benigne Conditor,
Nostras preces cum fletibus,
In hoc sacro jejunio
Fusas quadragenario.

Scrutator alme cordium,
Infirma tu scis virium:
Ad te reversis exhibe
Remissionis gratiam.

Multum quidem peccavimus,
Sed parce confitentibus:
Ad nominis laudem tui,
Confer medelam languidis.

Concede nostrum conteri
Corpus per abstinentiam,
Culpae ut relinquant pabulum
Jejuna corda criminum.

Praesta beata Trinitas,
Concede simplex Unitas:
Ut fructuosa sint tuis
Jejuniorum munera.

Click here for an English translation.

This is the Vespers hymn for all of Lent, except for the last two weeks (Passiontide), at which time the Vespers hymn switches to Vexilla Regis Prodeunt.

It embodies what every Catholic should be praying for during this holy penetential season of Lent. We should be offering up our prayers, almsgiving and sacrifices to beg God's forgiveness for our sins, and to beg for the graces we need.

This is found on the following CD(s): Chant Compendium 3.

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