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To Pray In Beauty: Gregorian Chant, Ever Ancient, Ever New
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Christmas in the Cloister Christmas in the Cloister
Cistercian Nuns of Mount Saint Mary's Abbey

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Item No. CC1616

We are happy to announce a new CD of Gregorian chant by the nuns of Mount Saint Mary's Abbey -- the same convent that brought you Christmas in the Cloister!

To Pray In Beauty: that is the ideal of monastics as they sing the Mass and the Hours in choir. The beauty is not for beauty's sake; it is for God -- for His glory. It was St. Augustine, that great lover of beauty, who called God "Beauty ever ancient, ever new" and lamented "late have I loved Thee!" All created beauty reflects something, however faint, of the divine Beauty, but Gregorian Chant does so in a special way, for it is itself both prayer and beauty -- but a beauty that reveals itself only gradually, disclosing ever new depths and connections.

The Cistercian version of the chants presented in this recording have always played an important role in the lives of the Cistercian nuns of Wrentham since the time of its foundation in 1949. In the early years of its history, chant alone was used to provide the musical setting for the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. Gregorian Chant is itself both prayer and beauty -- but a beauty that reveals itself only gradually, disclosing ever-new depths and connections.

Includes 20-page booklet, including liner notes by Fr. Gabriel Bertoniere about the history of Cistercian chant. Also included are the English translations of the pieces sung in Latin.

Track Listing

Avete Solitudinis, Simile Est, Justus Germinabit, Salve Sancta Parens, Dominus Dixit, Quinque Prudentes Virgines, Videns Dominus, Christus Factus Est, Resurrexi, Quasi Modo, Viri Galilaei, Spiritus Domini, Exsurge, Deus Judex, Esto Mihi, Omnia Quae Fecisti, Inclina Domine, Vocem Jucunditatis, Ave Maris Stella

About The Author
Mount Saint Mary's Abbey is home to forty-five Cistercian nuns (more commonly known as Trappistines). The more complete, formal name of the Order is Cistercians of the Strict Observance whose founding at Citeaux in France dates back to 1098 and is now comprised of monks and nuns who live in one hundred and seventy two autonomous monasteries throughout the world.

Mount Saint Mary's Abbey was founded by an Irish monastery, Saint Mary's of Glencairn; it has since given birth to three other U.S. based communities: Our Lady of the Mississippi, Iowa, Santa Rita Abbey, Arizona, and Our Lady of the Angels, Virginia.

The sisters are religious women who have dedicated their lives to prayer and contemplation; the essence of their consecrated life is monastic, based on the Rule of St. Benedict. They possess a strong communal orientation with certain intrinsic values, needed to support their prayer. They gather in church seven times each day to offer praise and thanksgiving to God. They also support themselves by the labor of their hands. They maintain a certain level of silence and degree fo solitude in order that they may be present to Christ, in Himself, in their sisters, in their world and creation. Similarly they desire to be attentive to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost and so want to be available and open to the grace with which God wishes to bless them.

Price: $16.99
Sale: $14.99


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