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About Exclusives Exclusives — Including the famous Chant Compendium series

"What kind of recordings are they?"
These recordings were all done live, as opposed to in a studio. However, only the best recordings made it to these chant CDs. If the schola fumbled part of a song, or the organist slipped up, that recording hit the cutting room floor.

"How come they are black and white? Are they legit CDs?"
They are legit CDs, although they don't look like CDs you would normally buy at the store. The church's audio department created their CDs using off-the-shelf wholesale supplies: CD-R media (high quality, Taiyo-Yuden), labels, jewel cases, and card stock. A similar operation has been set up at

"Do these CDs play on every kind of CD player?"
Yes, unless your CD player is extremely old (as in, from the early 80's), it should be able to play CD-R media. Most component systems, car CD players, DVD players, CD-based video game systems, discman and other similar devices can play CD-R music CDs. You can find out for sure by burning an audio CD in your CD-R drive and trying to play it in the device. If one CD-R plays fine, it is likely they all will.

"What if I receive a bad CD? Are these CDs guaranteed?"
Yes, the CDs are guaranteed to work (assuming the CD is the problem, and not your device). We do not use the cheapest CD media - in fact we are paying more for the assurance of quality. Nevertheless, in the rare event of a defective CD, all you have to do is e-mail us about the problem, and we will ship you a replacement disc free of charge.

"Do you have Mass Propers, or any other CDs available?"
We have a large archive of 1 1/2 years of chant, but a lot of it cannot be used because there were organ slip-ups, too much noise, etc. It will take time to go through it all. We plan on putting together many more chant collections. So please keep the site bookmarked!

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