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Gregorian chant CDs now available as downloadable MP3 albums!
New Releases and New Editions
Gregorian Chant for Kids: Volume 2 - Teach your children Gregorian chant!
As We Are? 101 Compromises, Changes, and Contradictions of an SSPX - in Pursuit of a Practical Accord with Modernist Rome
Chant Compendium Vol 1-4 Box Set MP3 DOWNLOAD EDITION - Over 5 hours of Gregorian chant!
Gregorian Chant for Kids: Volume 2As We Are? 101 Compromises, Changes, and Contradictions of an SSPXChant Compendium Vol 1-4 Box Set MP3 DOWNLOAD EDITION

Best Sellers
Chant Compendium Vol 5-8 Box Set - Over 4 1/2 hours of Gregorian chant
Chant Compendium 1 - Marian, Vespers and Benediction Hymns
Tenebrae: Divine Office of Holy Week - 3 CD set - Acapella chant (no organ)
Chant Compendium Vol 5-8 Box SetChant Compendium 1Tenebrae: Divine Office of Holy Week

Latest News from TAN
Now available in book form - a compilation of 200 of Bishop Williamson's weekly instructive letters, published as Eleison Comments. This book, Volume 1, includes the first 200 Eleison Comments letters originally published between July 2007 and May 2011. These letters were written for all English-speaking Catholics worldwide, on a wide variety of topics touching on the Catholic Faith and Catholic culture. Applies the clarity and precision of St. Thomas Aquinas' philosophy and theology to the modern world and the post-Vatican 2 Crisis in the Church. A critical resource and an antidote for the confusion and errors of our age. 318 pages. Paperback.
The SSPX is heading for a full merger with the Modernist Rome of Vatican II, and countless changes have already occurred, past tense. The SSPX has already contradicted its former self, and left behind the prudent and Catholic position of Archbishop Lefebvre in many ways.

This isn't about what the SSPX might do; it's about what the SSPX has done over the past 7 years since 2012. The Conciliar Church and the SSPX have been working towards a Practical Agreement one piece at a time, hoping no one would notice. But this book lists all the individual surrenders, capitulations, and changes that have taken place. It is too late to speak of Rome accepting the SSPX "As We Are", since the SSPX has already been transformed.

Here is a book (almost 400 pages) detailing the evidence that proves the SSPX has undergone a fundamental change at the highest levels. Relying mostly on official and trusted sources, if this book doesn't convince you that the SSPX has taken a hard U-turn back to Conciliar Modernist Rome, then nothing will!

Buy a copy for yourself, and don't forget extra copies for family, friends, and fellow Traditional Catholics!
The latest in the Chant Compendium series!
Chant Compendium 10 is the latest release in the widely acclaimed Chant Compendium series of live Gregorian chant with organ accompaniment.

Volume 10 includes the Divine Office of Vespers for the Feast of Corpus Christi, including 5 sung Psalms and the beautiful hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas, Pange Lingua Gloriosi. From the last two stanzas, we get the famous Tantum Ergo Sacramentum. The Benediction hymn "O Quam Suavis Est" also comes from this Feast.

Then you get to enjoy Friday Compline, which has a unique melody in the Traditional Roman rite. The other Compline melodies are available on existing Chant Compendium CDs, so this basically completes that set!

Speaking of completing the set, Chant Compendium 10 fills in several voids for many Kyriales (Mass Ordinaries, Ordinary of the Mass, Mass settings). We have included Gloria XI, Agnus Dei IV, as well as the first specimen from Mass X. We also included a different version of Kyrie IV with more powerful organ accompaniment. And after a long wait and many requests, we have included a mainstream Credo setting: Credo I.

You will also find some Marian hymns, sung after Compline at different times of the year. We have included the fancy ending to the sung Passion of St. Matthew, which is commonly sung on Palm Sunday.

Last but certainly not least, we have included three Traditional Catholic hymns, also sung by the seminarians. Adoremus in Aeternum, Jesus Christ is Risen Today, and Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above. Between the professional organ accompaniment and 50 male voices singing in unison, these hymns are not to be missed!

As usual, you get a sheet with the lyrics to every track. 65 minutes. Recorded live in the Seminary chapel, with pipe organ accompaniment. Don't miss this one!
Continuing the Chant Compendium line!
Chant Compendium 9 is the latest release in the widely acclaimed Chant Compendium series of live Gregorian chant with organ accompaniment.

Volume 9 includes all of the sung parts of the centuries-old Solemn Requiem Mass (Mass for the Dead) for a total of 31 minutes. The other half of the CD is 35 more minutes of all-new Gregorian chant recordings including 2 traditional Catholic hymns. By popular demand, this CD includes Mass VIII, or the Mass of the Angels, so you can enjoy listening to the most famous Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.

And Chant Compendium 9 is extremely useful to help you prepare for Holy Week and Easter: it contains a version of Parce Domine for Lent, the famous Palm Sunday chant Gloria Laus et Honor, and then at the Paschal Vigil you can hear the full Exultet sung by a Deacon as well as the priest intoning the first Alleluia of the season. The CD finishes with The Strife is Oer, a classic traditional Catholic hymn for Easter, and To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King which is a hymn every Catholic should learn. Where appropriate, tracks have organ accompaniment.
A new CD from the Daughters of Mary
Caritas is the latest CD album from the Daughters of Mary, which includes many of their favorite hymns and Gregorian Chant selections from the different seasons of the Liturgical Year. The traditional Catholic hymns and Gregorian chants on this CD are appropriate for many occasions, including Lent, Easter, Blessed Sacrament, and Marian Hymns, plus several other general purpose Catholic hymns and chants. Some of the songs even feature harp accompaniment, played by the Sisters of the Daughters of Mary.
A new CD of Sacred Polyphony!
Introducing a new CD by the Saint Vincent Camerata Scholars! Sacred Choral Music: Feast of All Saints and All Souls - This beautiful Sacred Polyphony will fill your home with classic melodies from the Renaissance. Includes Franco-Flemish Composers of the Early and High Renaissance, Late Renaissance Composers of the Roman School, and Late Renaissance Composers of England.
Announcing a new Chant CD
Introducing a new CD! Ecce Fiat: The Annunciation - Gregorian chant focusing on our Blessed Mother and the Annunciation, including Mass parts, several antiphons, Responsories, and hymns. By the Monastic Choir of Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey.
Browse our selection of Christmas music and Gregorian chant for the blessed season of Christmas!
Experience a taste of the peace and beauty of convent life with these twenty-eight selections from the Sisters' daily regimen of song and prayer. Includes parts of the Mass, Divine Office, and Holy Hour. All Chant and hymns are sung in Latin. BONUS: Includes a booklet of English translations!
$55.00 worth of chant CDs for only $39.99! Contains over 4 1/2 hours of traditional Gregorian chant. Includes Chant Compendium volumes 5, 6, 7 and 8. These live recordings were made during actual Liturgical functions. All 90 tracks are sung in Latin, with organ accompaniment as appropriate. Includes lyrics for every song on each CD. Includes Mass propers and ordinaries, Liturgical chant, Kyriales, Benediction and Vespers hymns, Office of Compline (Tuesday and Sunday), Sunday Vespers, Marian hymns, sung Psalms, and even the solemn tone for the Preface. Excellent tool for choir and schola members and directors to learn these beautiful hymns -- the most sublime and exquisite melodies given to mankind. Special Set price (worth over $55.00) -- makes an excellent gift!
Sale 12.99! Volume 8 of the famous Chant Compendium series features Mass parts and Divine Office from the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Includes Vespers and Compline from the Feast of the Sacred Heart, plus a complete recording of Mass XII -- used on First Fridays. Includes the Preface sung in the solemn mode, the solemn version of the Salve Regina, many beautiful Marian hymns, plus the usual assortment of Gregorian chant! Includes lyrics sheet with Latin lyrics for each track. All tracks were recorded live, and with organ accompaniment where appropriate. 18 tracks in all. 62 minutes of new material. A beautiful addition to your Chant collection! Also available as part of the Chant Compendium Vol. 5-8 Box Set!
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Make sure you have good Catholic books to read! Whether inside or outside, sit down with a good Catholic book -- choose from hundreds of solid, traditional Catholic books covering countless topics: Lives of the saints, the Church, miracles, angels, Heaven, Purgatory, the priesthood, the spiritual life, and much more. Browse by category to find something you like!
Over 5 hours of traditional, beautiful, live Gregorian chant! Contains the first four Chant Compendia (collections): volumes 1-4. Recordings made during actual Liturgical functions. All 90 tracks are sung in Latin with organ accompaniment. Includes lyrics for every song on each CD. Includes chant for all times and seasons, including Mass propers, Lenten hymns, Liturgical chant, sung Litanies (Sacred Heart, B.V.M., St. Joseph, and Litany of the Saints), Kyriales (Set of Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus & Agnus Dei), Dozens of Benediction and Vespers hymns, Office of Compline (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday), and much more. Includes Vexilla Regis and other chant for Lent, as well as plenty of chant for Easter!

New Release - Not set up

New Release - Not set up

New Release - Not set up

New Release - Not set up
We offer the best Gregorian chant, Catholic music, and traditional Catholic books!

We sell the finest authentic, traditional Gregorian chant CDs. One of the great treasures of the Roman Catholic Church, Gregorian chant has been sung in the liturgy and divine office for centuries. We offer traditional Catholic hymns (Latin and English) as well as Gregorian chant in Latin: Mass propers, Benediction, Marian, and Vespers hymns, the Kyriale in various modes (melodies), and many other beautiful pieces. We also carry a complete line of traditional Catholic books.

Everything on will help you to grow in your Catholic Faith. Our CDs are authentic Gregorian chant and traditional hymns, and our books are completely traditional -- faithful to Catholic doctrine, with no modern changes.

Besides publishing our own line of exquisite Chant CDs, we also offer music by well-known religious communities, such as the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, the Daughters of Mary, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael's Abbey, and many others! is your source for authentic Gregorian chant and traditional Catholic music!
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